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Episode 813 “Everybody Hates Hitler”

What if they finally got a break?

I really, really, a million reallys want that to be true. I want everything that happened this week to stick for more than two weeks, and for them to finally get a break.

Spoilers after the eye candy.

sam winchester confronts a golem

Way back in 1944, a secret society of rabbis were fighting the Nazis. What makes this even more unusual and special is that they were mystics, much like the Men of Letters in last week’s episode. The fact that this same thread shows up in two consecutive episodes gives me hope that maybe, just maybe, the writers have found a winning formula that can carry them through the rest of this season, and well into the next.

“Everyone Hates Hitler” was written by Eric Kripke and Ben Edlund, and it absolutely shows. This was brilliant from start to finish, especially…

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