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Be careful of your bra!

The Incredible Tide


NounThe activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.

A picture will never say it. You have to watch the video. Choose the one you like: the first one lasts just one minute, the second a minute and half, a minute more the third one. At the end, I guarantee, you will buy one.

Everyone gossips that she’s something, She has become so bright
What made you so pretty pretty? Tell me the secret, but it’s hidden in her chest
Oh, in her growing chest, Raise your arms!
Twist around!  But when you do so, be careful of your bra,
Not fitting your breasts, Not fitting your breasts
This is not good, so  We created a new bra!

People stare at her saying she’s something, And look back as they walk by
Every time I see her in town, she’s prettier prettier,
Tell me the…

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