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Adolph Hitler

The Compulsive Explainer

Here I am, wasting my time reading about Hitler. And also reflecting on the Semantic Web. The idea behind this is simple – people who put things on the Net would also provide handy descriptions about what they contain, so other people can easily find this information. There is only one problem, which has been pointed out plenty of times before – in the real world real things are not so easily categorized.

For example, in the book The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness there is an excellent analysis of Hitler – as an excellent example of this destructiveness. If you have time to kill, I can recommend it. The author, Eric Fromm, has the pet term necrophilia:

The passion to destroy life and the attraction to all that is dead, decaying, and purely mechanical.

I was not much attracted to this idea, and considered it unnecessary, but he is…

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